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Hey all,

This Saturday we attended another wine tasting event way out on the West Coast at Nook. We randomly received the invite on Facebook and were thinking of letting the offer pass, but I felt like we were stuck in our Orchard/Chinatown/Quay bubble and should venture out. I’m glad we did.

Nook is located a bit of a drive outside our usual Singapore comfort zone. If I were still in Texas it would be like going to see a friend just a couple suburbs away… I wouldn’t bat an eye at the distance, but a little time in Singapore and suddenly a 20 minute drive is far off



The event was hosted by a young upstart networking group, Touche Singapore. The event was co-hosted by a couple different wine suppliers – one who focuses on Spanish Wines and another that focuses more on Greek and other European wines. There were some interesting wines from regions previously unknown to me. For instance the first wine, a Greek Sparkling featured in the film Mama Mia… I’ve never even thought of Sparkling Wines from Greece.


The wines tasted:

1st wine – Sparkling
Cair Brut
from Greece
featured in Mamma Mia
awarded Gold in Monde Selection Bruxelle in Milan
tasting notes: athiri grapes, blend of apricot and freshly baked bread

2nd wine – White
Dona Rosa Cosecha 2005
from Spain
tasting notes: alberino grapes, tastes like orchard fruits, goes well with oysters and seafood

3rd wine – Red
Semeli 2005
from Greece
tasting notes: Cabernet Sauvignon and St George grapes, means “Mother of God of Wines” in Greek, medium bodied red

4th wine – Red
Nero D’Avola 2006
from Sicily, Italy
tasting notes: full bodied red

5th wine – Red
Ribas del Cua, Mencia 2006
from Bierzo region, Spain
tasting notes: comparable to French Cabernet Franc, very dry, earthy, full bodied

6th wine – Limoncello
Don’t have the bottle name, but similar in taste and flavor to most Limoncello liqueurs I’ve tasted previously.

The event was a nice change of pace. With the exception of Joanna and myself all of the attendees were Singaporean. We met a nice lady who used to work in Wine retail who has been putting us in contact with other events and distributors so our wine network here will continue to expand and grow and we can pass on the info to you ūüėČ

I enjoyed the pace of the event. They didn’t get too involved with the tasting or over share unneeded info, but provided basic grape info and characteristics. Also the Spanish Tapas (from house chef who is really from Spain) provided were simple and refreshing and worked well with the different flavors. We were treated to potatoes in¬†tortilla,¬†mussels¬†with salsa,¬†and bread with grilled vegetables amongst other items.


The one small gripe I have is that they forced people to shuffle. This is normally a good thing as you have an excuse to meet new people, but since we were the only westerners we had to answer the same series of questions again and again LOL (yes we like Singapore, it is different from Bangkok, etc).

Anyone else have any Greek or Spanish wine knowledge or favorites to share? Please put them up in the comments section. Would love to expand my wine knowledge beyond the key areas.

Nook Cafe Wine Bar
15 Chu Lin Road
Tel: 6762 9901

For Greek wines contact:
Kevin Yeow
Tel: (65) 96895268


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