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Our friend Lara visited us recently in Singapore. She asked me to take her someplace nice, someplace I wouldn’t normally think to go for her last lunch in the city. After a bit of internet research we settled on a lunch at Song of India.

Song of India, located just a short 5-minute walk from Orchard Road, is not your typical Indian restaurant. It forgoes the usual tricks of the trade – silks, tacky decorations, etc for a more classic elegance (though they do still have sitar music going). Taking our seat in the main room we really did feel as though joining an afluent friend for lunch in their renovated shop-house.

To be perfectly honest I didn’t have a chance to peruse the menu so I can’t comment on dinner prices or Ala Carte options. The restaurant was taking final orders as we were seated so we quickly chose the lunch set menu (around 35++ SGD) .

After ordering I stood to take my customary pictures of the location. Unfortunately they have a no photography policy….or at least I couldn’t take photos of the space without Lara in the picture. So naughty boy that I am staged some quick “snapshots” and pretended I just had to take a picture with Lara and every item served to us

So pictures you see below are mostly pictures with Lara cropped out – though they were watching us closely towards the end and she ended up in the curry pic.

The lunch set starts with an Amuse Bouche. The flavors were lovely and worked well together. It was a larger bite, but still it adequately “amused our mouths”.

Next we were served a lovely asparagus soup. At first sight both Lara and I wondered at an Indian inspired asparagus soup, but the chef actually pulled it off quite well. I would order that soup from a deli any day.

Next came the curry and meat sampler (for lack of better name since I forgot to write things down
). There were the staples of saffron rice, butter chicken, and lentils, and a few other items for good measure. All were wonderfully prepared with a delicate refinement not present in most Indian food. Though I found all the courses to be more than enough for what they are – the “curry course” is freeflow! So if you liked any of the samplers and wanted more you could go to town.

The dessert course missed it a bit for me. I’m actually a fan of Indian ice creams and yoghurt’s (from my extensive eating at Indus in Bangkok) but the texture was a bit odd for me here…maybe too icy….and I’m going to nitpick here and say the presentation was a bit dated. But after so much food I was pretty full anyways and wasn’t really needing a full on dessert course.

It was a great meal and I should say thank you again to Lara for treating me. It wasn’t something that was on my radar before her visit, but I’m glad I was pushed outside of my comfort zone a bit and forced to search out a new option. I can imagine the dinner menu is equally enjoyable, but probably much more expensive. That said, the lunch menu was an excellent value for the food you’re getting. Singapore surely has cheaper/more authentic Indian dishes, but for a refined meal that’s trying new things with the cuisine Song of India gets my recommendation of a must try lunch in Singapore.

The Song of India

33 Scotts Road Singapore
For reservations call : +65-68360055

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