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When we last visited Thailand, I read a review of a new Bangkok brunch spot for those in the know. With it’s location close to where we were staying, undiscovered vibe, and our intense love of brunches how could we not try it out? Was it worth the hype?

Minibar Royale is located in the Citadines hotel on Sukhumvit Soi 23. It would be very easy to walk or drive by the location and not even take notice. The restaurant is located on the ground floor and is decorated in a bistro style. Inside you’ll find lots of glass dividers with menu options handwritten on the glass, eclectic decorations, etc. Considering the size of this particular Citadines, the restaurant is well executed.


Taking our seats I saw an old friend from Glow Bar Bangkok and knew service would be top notch. We began to look over the menu, when we discovered one fatal flaw with this hip new brunch location – there’s really not much brunch on offer. The menu had many appealing dishes, but they only had poached eggs and a couple other items for actual brunch.

We started with cappuccinos. They came quickly and were very creamy and rich. We discussed the menu over the coffees with some of us going for brunch items and others choosing to venture out into more hearty mains.


The highlight of the meal was the French Toast with fresh seasonal fruit (200 THB). It was well presented and flavorful.


The Waffle Stacks with Seasonal fruits was equally attractive in appearance, but not as successful in taste. They weren’t bad, but weren’t a standout.


Ana had the Eggs Florentine (200 THB) and found them tasty.


Paul (not me, the other one) ordered a tiger prawn bisque soup to start (200 THB off the specials of the day menu). The soup didn’t feature many prawns but was a decent soup.


I was going to eat a special fish of the day selection, but was advised against it by the staff. I was thankful to them for warning me that the fish might not taste super fresh and instead I had a Jerk Chicken with summer Mango Salsa (360 THB). The flavors could have come together a bit more as I was anticipating a dance between the spicy jerk seasoning and fresh, cool mango…this happened a bit, but not as well as I’d hoped.


Joanna went for the Lasagna. She says it was a nice version of lasagna chock full of vegetables. A satisfying dish that’s not too heavy.

She ordered the Spinach with Cream Sauce on the side. This was probably the table’s second favorite dish of the afternoon. The spinach was light but full of flavor.


There was one failure dish – the Oregon Stuffed Hot Crab Meat Sandwich. The crab meat tasted more like tuna, was diced too small to appreciate in the dish, and had entirely too much mayonnaise (and I really like mayonnaise). It was a special, so hopefully is not still on the menu currently.

All in all we had an enjoyable meal at Minibar Royale. I don’t know if it serves as a quality alternate to the standard choices for Sunday brunch (Crepes and Co/Large Hotel champagne brunches) …but it is a well-run, well-executed restaurant. I’d recommend it for a leisurely lunch with friends or on business or for a more casual dinner.

Minibar Royale
37/7 Sukhumvit 23
Tel: 02 261-5533

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