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Hey all,
Saw this creative kitteh kitty litter box idea and followed the link through to discover an interesting site full of useful tips and tricks for the home – Ikea Hacker.

I thought at first the site was in it’s infant stages because browsing to the bottom I didn’t see a link for previous articles. However on the sidebar they link to many different categories such as media storage, pet furniture, audio-visual, bedroom, etc.

In general I go back and forth on my feelings about Ikea. As a growing designer I love the store and some of the furniture ideas…and I love the meatballs. As an old school wood snob I hate the particle board, knotty pine, and cookie cutter approach to furniture. Add to that my frustration at the included “instructions”.

But when you live transitionally/internationally it makes sense to go with “disposable” furniture over things that could be passed on to different generations. Particularly when it comes to household odds and ends. These hacks will fit a nice space, I think, for the more specific household needs. I don’t want a thousand dollar real wood shoe stand, particle board will do just fine


Sorry Bangkok folks, I guess with some ingenuity you could take these ideas and do some “Index Hacks”



For our Southeast Asian Peeps:

Ikea Singapore
Ikea Hong Kong

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