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On our recent trip back to Bangkok we had to visit an old favorite breakfast spot – Crepes & Co on Sukhumvit Soi 12. They claim to be the best Creperie in Bangkok and who am I to say they’re not… I don’t think I can name a single other Creperie in Bangkok

Crepes and Co has historically been the place for breakfast for expats in the know. I remember the first time I stumbled across it, and the resulting weight gain, like it was yesterday. Outside of the champagne brunches in the major hotels, Crepes & Co is easily the most indulgent breakfast in Bangkok, but with a fairly reasonable price.

The location is a bit out of the way and this is a good thing. Tucked into a garden well into Soi 12 you feel removed from the hustle and bustle of the city. The soft lighting and pillows help you take it easy through service…enjoying your meal at a leisurely pace. Often you’ll see the lovely house cat napping away – completing the feeling that you’re dining in an old friend’s home.


When dining at Crepes and Co I opt for “The Brunch”. I never come close to finishing the food presented, but it’s only 150 baht more than “The Breakfast Club” and you get a finishing coffee (this would pretty much be the price of another coffee anywhere else) a bread basket and much more on top of the 2 course Breakfast Club.

“The Brunch” was my first mutli-course breakfast in my life. To start you can choose a hot drink and a fruit juice. Then a choice of a breakfast treat – yogurt, muesli, corn flakes with banana, pain perdu (french toast), or cheese toast.  This in addition to either a fruit plate or fruit salad!


Next up is a bread basket. This last time the croissants were exceptional. They’re usually just OK, but they were particularly fresh this time. You get a choice of three breads of either – Croissant, Baguette, Toasts, or English Muffin. I usually go all three in for Croissants.


Then comes the “main”, 2 Eggs your style – Scrambled, Poached, Omelette, and Fried with a choice of bacon, ham, mushrooms, tomatoes and other sides. Unfortunately this has always been my least favorite part of the meal. I don’t know what eggs they use, but they never taste exactly right and are usually a touch too runny.


Lastly you have a choice of pancake to finish – Maple and Cream, Banana Nuts (a touch dry), Banana Chocolate (sugar overload, in a good way), Swiss (cheese and spinach), Smoked Salmon, or a Crepe “Beurre Sucre”.


And a last hot drink. If you still need food after this… you have problems. No seriously, if you can eat all of this and walk out comfortably see a dietitian or physician



I don’t need to write loads about this because it has all been said before. This is a well-established Bangkok favorite that will most likely remain so for another few years as long as management stays on top of their game. Despite a slight disappointment with the eggs it gets a solid recommendation from me for a place to start your day (a late start around 11 is better) in Bangkok.

There’s actually a full restaurant here as well and I’ve heard equally good things about it, but to me it’s existed solely as a breakfast place. Let us know if you’ve enjoyed a regular meal here.

Crepes and Co
18 Sukhumvit Soi 12, Bangkok
9am to midnight

Tel. 66(0)2-6533990 to 1


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