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We really don’t do these mega-brunches all the time…really. But when high rolling friends come to town and want to dine in style, who are we to say no? A group of five of us Joanna, Lara, Markus, Ralph and myself decided to try out an old Singapore staple for champagne Sunday brunch – The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore (from now on just the Ritz). Was it worth the hype?

How to answer this question? I’ll go with Diplomatically – The Sunday Brunch at the Ritz is a great brunch if you’re a lover of seafood

There’s tons of it and it’s good and fresh… with people freshly shucking oysters at the counter, boiling lobsters, pan-frying scallops, etc.


The problem is that’s about it. There are other things on offer for sure. I loved one of the Foie Gras dishes on offer, maybe a bit too much since I proabably ate 3 or 4 of the little plates. But there aren’t any real breakfast/brunch items out or around.

The other problem we had, and maybe we’re spoiled over doing so many of these, is that it wasn’t as fancy as the price would lead you to believe. There were kids and patrons running around in shorts and flip flops, older (but not cool vintage older) tables and fixtures, and it felt like a hotel brunch. Nothing stood out as awful or bad, but nothing was so unique as to warrant special attention either.

Despite stories we’ve heard to the contrary service was prompt and we were regularly treated to Moet refills – though maybe not as ninja-like as the servers at the St Regis. This might also have been our strategic seating choice of right next to the bottles



And to be fair there was more of everything at the Ritz compared to the St Regis. More seafood for sure. The cheese station was crazy big at the Ritz and covered many styles and regions, so if you’re a cheese lover there’s another reason to choose the Ritz.

Our Sunday Brunch at the Ritz was another indulgent affair. As a sort of joke I put my weight pre-brunch up on Twitter (85.1 KG) and after (89.9 KG) so I definitely enjoyed all they had on offer. I don’t think I’ll personally rush to return and I feel a bit pretentious saying that. I’m just a Texan from a poor family that grew up on Taco Bell… and here I am saying that the Ritz isn’t good enough for me 😀

At the end of the day, to our particular group, the Ritz simply didn’t have the same value as some of the other options. Had we been huge seafood or cheese people this could have been our go-to Sunday spot.

The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore

7 Raffles Avenue,
Singapore 039799
Phone:  (65) 6337 8888

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