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Hey all,

Bravo has announced the lineup for a new Top Chef series – Top Chef Masters. This will be a bit different in that it’s a competition of already established chefs from NYC around the USA.

I’ve certainly never eaten any of these chefs and to be honest have only heard of a handful of them, but I’m interested to see where this show will go in comparison to regular top chef.

I’m excited to see how Wylie Dufresne from WD-50 in NYC fares. This season will show if knowledge of molecular gastronomy and all the intricacies of turning food inside out will help or hinder on the big stage. I imagine the intimate knowledge of food will help in certain challenges and be a drawback in others, particularly if guest judges are keen on simple, fresh dishes that don’t over-complicate the ingredients.

Some of the announced guest judges are a bit suspect to me given the level of talent represented in the chefs (Doogie Howser???). I’m always entertained by Morgan Spurlock and with his food history (between tons of fast food and a vegan health conscious gf in Super Size Me) I can imagine an interesting challenge on healthy food or possibly even healthy fast food?

Hopefully this goes up quickly on iTunes and on June 11th (premiers June 10th in the US) I can start obsessively watching


Top Chef Masters Bravo Page

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