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Hey all,

I love sandwiches…a lot. I eat one for breakfast and have since I was about 4 years old. Recently I stumbled across Time Out Magazine’s round up of Singapore’s tops in different categories. Saw The Moomba Tuckshop listed as top sandwich shop. Seeing as The Moomba is just a 15-minute walk from the apartment and we know the owner, I decided to see what all the excitement was about.

The Moomba Tuckshop is located in the basement of the Bank of China Building in the CBD (Central Business District) of Singapore. It’s an extension of the Aussie-themed regular restaurant just down the road on Circular. Breads are made fresh in the shop as are an assortment of pastries.

On my first visit I was a bit overwhelmed by the selection. Also I chose to walk down at the height of the CBD lunch rush so couldn’t spend much time perusing the menu. Decided it’d be best if this was a weekly or bi-weekly column… so each week I’ll head down the Tuckshop and report back on one of the sandwiches on offer.

This week was the signature Wagyu Pastrami sandwich. I recently ate at the Moomba Restaurant and had amazingly delicious wagyu…almost a roast in flavor and tenderness. I also love pastrami, so this was a no-brainer sandwich for me, even though it is the most expensive sandwich on the menu at 13 SGD. I opted for the olive focaccia bread (I know that’s not the pastrami bread selection of choice but it looked good on the counter).

The breads on offer at The Moomba Tuckshop

The breads on offer at The Moomba Tuckshop