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Hey all,

This week Joanna joined me for my weekly Moomba Tuckshop series. Since she joined we were able to cover two sandwiches this week.

The problem with running a food blog is sometimes you have to order things you wouldn’t normally… or in this case order separate things for maximum coverage. Both Joanna and I were eyeing the Veggie sandwich. The description just sounded fresh and healthy. Being a gentleman I changed to the Roast Beef.

Sometimes being a gentleman really pays off. Though a kind of thin, unappealing sandwich in photos, the Roast Beef was full of flavor… thanks in no small part to the mustard mayonnaise or whatever it is. On the menu its referred to as a mustard mayonnaise…normally I’m not a fan of mustard, but this was smooth and flavorful, with an appropriately small bite to it. The sauce worked well with the caramelized onions. I chose the walnut loaf for my bread and everything just worked well.

Joanna went with the Vegibite with Portabello Mushrooms. The sandwich was refreshingly varied in flavors and textures for a veggie sandwich. It’s nice to find a suitable healthy sandwich that doesn’t remind you with every bite that it’s healthy


We split a Walnut Carrot Cake to finish the lunch off. Looking at the pastry in the window I didn’t even see the carrot cake thanks to the heaping portion of walnuts on top. The walnuts were a bit too sugary for me if I have to nitpick (I don’t, but am choosing to) and again the cake portion was a bit dry with the same consistency of the chocolate muffin from last week. So it must be the flour or some other common ingredient used in their pastries. It’s not bad in flavor, but it’s definitely something enjoyed with a glass of milk.

I was a lot happier with both sandwiches this week for the money. Great value and taste – I think both were right at 9 SGD.

The Moomba Tuckshop

Bank of China Building #B1-01
4 Battery Road
Phone: 6536 5235
Raffles Place

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