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If you have a bit of time on your hands, PS Cafe is great for breakfast and brunch.

Located a bit outside the more populated sections of Dempsey Hill, PS Cafe feels remote in it’s lush natural surroundings. Thankfully the setting is calm and relaxing because our meal there took quite a bit of time.

Part of that was on us. We came to a restaurant with a solid reputation for Sat/Sun brunches at a peak brunch time, but still… without reservation we had a 45 minute wait for a table (quoted 30). That wasn’t so bad, what was bad was the overall service. We had to wait another 15 minutes or so to order. During our wait for the table we had all but memorized the menu, so could have ordered as soon as we made contact with the seat.

When the food came it was great. I seem to be on an insatiable quest to find the perfect burger in Singapore and PS Cafe’s “Brunch Burger” is one of the best I’ve found so far – as it should be for 29 SGD!. It’s a Wagyu/beef blend burger topped with fried egg, bacon, wilted spinach,  and Camembert cheese on a great bun. The fries that come with it are nice wedges and served with a special aioli sauce that had an essence of lemongrass to it… a really solid meal.

Our visitor from Germany had the eggs benedict. She said they were nicely done, but suffered slightly since the muffin wasn’t toasted.

Stephen and Allexia shared a plate of the PS Big Bacon and Eggs and the Blueberry Pancakes. The fried egg came out cooked wrong but they quickly replaced and nailed it on the second attempt. Bacon was well cooked and not too crispy or too soggy. The pancakes were a bit of a miss though and can easily be skipped.

Joanna went with the PS Breakfast Club Sandwich, I think lured by the Turkish bread. Good sandwich and great baked beans.

PS Cafe has a lovely location, food (minus the pancakes) that’s actually worth the prices asked, and only misses  a complete, enthusiastic recommendation due to the service. If I’m wanting to have a relaxing Saturday brunch with friends I don’t want to break conversation every few minutes as I attempt to flag down an obviously overworked waiter who can’t manage his section. But if you venture out a bit later the crowds were dissipating and I think it would be a great experience.

I will go back (later or earlier) as there’s more to try. None at the table sampled any of the teas from the large tea slection being offered. We also were too full from our generous portions to tackle one of the insanely large slices of cakes and brownies – these things were the size of Stephen King novels!


PS Cafe
28B Harding Road (Dempsey Hill Area)

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