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Hey all,

Saw this on lifehacker and couldn’t resist posting since we’re about quality and value. The lure of McDonalds in Singapore is strong… their lunch value meal at either 4.50 or 5.00 SGD is a great value considering a coke at 7-11 will run you 2 SGD by itself. But is the quality there? Not really. The convenience of a quick meal, great photography and marketing, and abundant locations work on my system till I find it hard to resist.

I think visiting this site as it’s continually updated will go a long way to curing my cravings for fast food burgers. Maybe it’s a couple dollars more to go to the local healthy sandwich and soup place, but I think my belly and internal organs will thank me in the long run.

On a side note – that’s some seriously good food styling going on in the ad campaigns. Seeing the real world pics side by side with the “idealized” burgers shows exactly what you can get from hiring a professional photographer and food stylist 😀

Fast Food: Ads vs Reality


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