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Hey all,

If stationed in or around Bangkok and tired of faux Balinese teak furniture shops check out Hemisphere Home Furnishing.

Formerly part of the Casa Pagoda group in Bangkok, Hemisphere decided to set off on their own path. The store divides their Silom-area 4-floor townhouse in two. The bottom two floors, Twilight, represent darker hues and richer textures. The top two floors, Daybreak, offers lighter hues, natural woods, and linens.


Hemispheres has a great mix of vintage looking Chinese and Indian flavored import pieces, distressed to just the right look as well as modern, sleek pieces. They also offer a full range of accessories – from wire Eiffel Towers to vivid pillows and more.

The furniture and accessories on offer are far and away more reasonable than similar options found in boutiques in Vietnam, Singapore and other areas of the region. I was recently in a shop in Singapore asking 95 SGD (62USD) for the oh-so-trendy Chinese Calligraphy brushes! The same brushes were around 10 USD at Hemisphere.

They’re also available for consulting on home interior designs and remodelings. There’s a solid, consistent style throughout the store and it’s various pieces… so I can’t imagine the decorators here having too much difficulty with a regular apartment or home.



Address: 44/15 Convent Road , Silom Bangkok 10500 , Thailand

Phone: +662 632 26 25

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