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Kent Rasmussen Carneros Estate_pinot_noir three_pack
Hey all,
If you live in the States and are an appreciator of wine and wine deals check out Wine Woot from the Woot company. The Woot group has a few different websites (random stuff, shirts, wine, etc) that sell one item per category at a time. Once it’s gone they move on to something else. Sometimes deals come back around and sometimes they don’t so it’s good to check daily.

The Wine Woot community is a bit different – you get the normal “woot humor” in the listings, but they also run a blog with guest columnists and some good tips on wine and vineyards. If the weekly Woot isn’t your cup of tea wine, you can also check out some sponsored deals for other buying options.

Wine Woot – Great way to buy some good wines at reasonable prices.


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