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If the brunch at the 4 Seasons Bangkok was elegant and indulgent… the Sunday Brunch at Brasserie Les Saveurs at the St Regis, Singapore was a downright decadent and debaucherous feast only one step back from the famed parties of ancient Rome.

According to historians, the term orgy didn’t have the sexual connotation it now possesses. “Roman Orgies” were actually parties of “unrestrained indulgences during which guests consumed copious quantities of food and drink to such excesses that they often relieved themselves by vomiting.” I said one step back earlier because thankfully at the St Regis people aren’t openly vomiting… though we have heard stories… 😉

The free flow begins once through the door. This is a “one-seating” Sunday Brunch so reservations are necessary. You begin to imbibe immediately as you make your way to your seat with a warm up Mimosa. Once seated the free flow free-gush of Moet & Chandon vintage champagne begins.

Drink in hand or left at the table you are free to peruse the stations. These are standard Sunday Brunch stations – elevated. Freshly shucked Oysters, imported Japanese Sushi and Sashimi (though to be fair I feel the quality of fish was higher at the 4 Seasons), European deli meats, bread stations, etc. I made two different passes through the stations. Though the bread was obviously freshly baked and the green and yellow zucchini salad with pumpkin and sesame vinaigrette looked amazing… I stuck to my Sunday Brunch guns and skipped the fillers to focus on the meat and the Moet.

About an hour into service everyone decided it was time to order off the cook-to-order menu. This isn’t just a buffet brunch. Joanna had the Wagyu beef fillet and I, being a good Texan, ordered the Ribeye. To be fair both were good, but I would recommend neither as a stand-alone meal in a 5-star hotel.

The real treats of the afternoon were the passed plates brought directly from the kitchen to the table…

sometimes by the chef himself. Little cups of miso soup, foie gras crème brulee (amazingly better than it sounds), and other delights kept us rooted in our seats – a good and bad thing. Good because we were able to try new, fresh food that was better than anything at the buffet lines or on the menu. Bad because we weren’t walking around anymore… and walking around is the only way to judge if you’ve slipped past light-hearted Sunday celebration into something slightly more sinister.

I say only way to judge here because the staff are Moet ninjas, staggeringly adept at keeping your glass full. I’ve been to plenty of “free flows” where the owners maximized profit by having the bar staff unavailable for refills. Not so at the St Regis. I swear, one time I had just taken a sip and was lowering the glass from my lip when I witnessed an amazing sight out of the corner of my eye – the bottle sailing into position over my glass to replenish the champagne that had just passed into my system. With two dedicated servers stationed to our group of 8, our table was never want for drink, cleared plate, or passed delight.

With our pants and bellies now waging a minor border feud we braved the sprawling dessert stand. Tarts, macaroons, cookies, brownies, cakes… all excellently presented and dangerously good… I had to step over two seizing diabetics to make it back to our table.

3:00 PM arrived, we paid and stumbled out the door of the St Regis, full to bursting, but completely satisfied. The Sunday Brunch at the St Regis is absolutely worth doing once… but I don’t know that anyone needs that regularly. A brunch best kept for anniversaries, celebrations, and special occasions.

A few tips to make brunch even more enjoyable:

  • Don’t eat the night before ?
  • Make reservations. There are not many tables inside the brasserie.
  • As Joanna has stated before come with friends and don’t make plans after – you will be in no state to do anything important/intense after this.
  • Use this as an opportunity to branch out into new foods/styles. Maybe there’s something you’ve been scared or too intimidated to try. When the chef visits your table ask him what’s good/how he prepared it/what he recommends. These buffets typically feature a smattering of “fine dining all-stars” like foie gras, sushi, wagyu, or anything else currently trendy.

Brasserie Les Saveurs at the St Regis
Chef : Julien Royer
Hours : 6:30 AM – 11:00 PM Daily;
Afternoon Tea 3:00 PM – 5:00 pm Daily;
Sunday Brunch 12:00 PM – 3:00 PM
Address: 29 Tanglin Road. Singapore 247911. Singapore
Phone: (65) 65066888

Brunch for 2 a bit over 350 SGD after taxes, service, etc.

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