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Hey all,

Any vodka lovers amongst us? A recent NYT essay talks about the decline in the premium vodka industry during recession times. Of extra interest in the article is the mention of blind taste tests where cheaper vodka performs the same as the higher end varieties!

From the article:

In 2004, Slate magazine crowned a Polish vodka, Chopin, as the best; it cost the same as Grey Goose, which it described as unremarkable. The next year, a panel at The New York Times determined that Smirnoff, at $13 a bottle, was better than its pricier rivals.

Interesting stuff. Maybe I’m fooling myself, but I think I can taste a difference. I’m not a huge Grey Goose fan, but do enjoy Level from Absolut and a few others. There’s this one speciality vodka they were selling in Texas the last time I was there that was super smooth and even my mom was keeping some in her freezer. What was that vodka….

NYT on Vodka


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