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Who doesn’t love brownies? For those of you who fight for those crispy corner brownies – I was browsing last night and clicked the baking tab. I sorted by most popular items, just to get a feel for what baking supplies people are shopping for on Amazon. This tray, in the number 1 spot, immediately caught my eye.

It’s one of those oh so obvious why didn’t I think of that items that solves a problem you didn’t even realize existed. To me this is a brilliant solution to a problem people just assumed had to be…you had to use square pans to bake brownies. So the world was doomed to bake brownies with only four corner pieces and cracked edges from overcooking to get to the middle section cooked through. The Baker’s Edge Brownie Pan is a genius solution…just look at the picture and you can see the answer.

I’ve called the bake shops of Singapore and no luck finding it. There are some ebay sellers that will ship to Singapore (for 60 + dollars!!!). So for now I hold out complete review until I can get my hands on one of these. Or if a kind reader stateside wants to ship one our way… 😀

Baker’s Edge


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